6 Best Apps for Meditation in 2024

The benefits of regular meditation are proven by numerous studies. For example, European neuropsychologists have studied how regular 30-minute practices affect the content of the stress hormones cortisol and cortisone in hair. It turned out that in the hair grown out during the practice, the level of accumulation of stress hormones decreases and remains for some time below the initial level, even if you stop practicing. Other studies confirm that meditation helps to improve concentration and cope with insomnia. Meditation is also a fantastic way not to get overwhelmed while hitting the jackpot at https://sports.woocasino.com/en-AU/promotions or getting a job promotion. So, it isn’t surprising that this practice has been growing in popularity in recent years. These apps will help you learn how to meditate.

Mo: Meditation and Sleep

There are over 200 meditation lessons in the app’s library, and new ones are released every week. For beginners, there’s a tutorial with four-minute lessons to help you start meditating smoothly. Besides meditation practices, there are bedtime stories and short exercises to calm down in different situations; for example, before an important meeting, in a fit of anger or panic.

Meditopia: Sleep and Meditation

The app contains over 1000 meditation lessons on different topics: stress, concentration, anger, motivation, self-confidence, and others. There are bedtime stories and personalized notes. You can also organize joint challenges with friends in the app.

Meditation & Sleep: Practice

The creators of the app emphasize that it contains practices that will help you cope with stress, anxiety, and attention deficits. At the same time, they don’t include esotericism. The app has one-off meditations to start for and comfortably sink into sleep, for anxiety, or after a workout. Or course, themed meditations that include ten sessions.

During practice, the user is accompanied by a voice and background music that cannot be turned off. You can’t rewind the meditation or leave the session and start where you left off. There is a separate block of “Unguided Meditation” sessions from 3 to 25 minutes in which the user is alone with themselves and relaxing music.

Unagrande YogaClub

An app with video yoga lessons and over 100 meditation practices that are available in the free version. Subscription gives access to more lessons, the ability to build your own course depending on your goals, and the ability to download lessons for offline access.

Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Each day, the app offers a personalized meditation, for which you have to answer questions. Furthermore, there are 10-day meditation plans, as well as single sessions, small meditations that can be done anytime, such as on the go. The sleep improvement course is interactive and combines vibrations, sound effects, and coaching tips.

Insight Timer

The user can specify not only their goals and meditation experience but also the types of practices in which they will practice. For example, one can opt out of those practices that have religious components and practice only on scientific or secular approaches. In the free version of the app, you can create group meditations with friends, take meditation courses for beginners or already advanced users. However, many of the author’s courses are only available on the premium account.

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