Schlage Keypad Lock keeps spinning: How to Fix at Home

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today we will talk about Schlage Keypad Lock in this article. Sometimes your Schlage Keypad Lock keeps spinning. So people do not know how to fix it, so today we are going to learn about it in this article.

If your Schlage Keypad Lock is Spinning repeatedly and is not closing, then do not worry, in this post, you will definitely find the solution. We will give you complete information about this problem below.

Some Tips to Fix a Schlage Keypad Lock that Keeps Spinning

We have given you some tips below, with the help of which you can solve all the problems of Schlage Keypad Lock, so let’s know.

1. Change the Batteries in Your Schlage Keypad Lock

Change the Batteries in Your Schlage Keypad Lock Schlage Keypad Lock keeps spinning: How to Fix at Home

If your Schlage Keypad Lock keeps spinning, the first thing you should do is replace its battery. Because this lock depends only on the battery and if its battery gets damaged then it gives problems.

You need a pin to open the lock, but if the power of your lock’s battery only works, it will not work for you.

If the Schlage Keypad Lock blinks red continuously, then you need to understand that its battery is low. Because using the Schlage Keypad Lock continuously affects its battery, which there is a problem with the battery. You will have to replace the old battery of that lock with a new one, due to which you can easily use the Schlage keypad lock. For the Schlage BE365, take out the 9V battery and replace the old battery.

Sometimes you should replace the battery in your Schlage keypad lock even if you don’t see the red light on top of your lock. Because many times this red light is not visible due to cold, due to which you do not get to know about the battery.

If your Schlage keypad lock is spinning again and again even after changing the battery, then we have given you more steps below, follow them and solve your problem.

2. Restore Default Settings

Schlage Keypad Lock Restore Default Settings

If you have changed the battery of the lock, but your Schlage Keypad Lock is still moving, then you need to check the settings of your lock.

Many times you change the setting of your Schlage Keypad Lock due to which the problem starts. Many times your lock keeps on Spinning, then first of all you have to reset the status of the lock and fix your lock.

If you reset the setting of your lock, then all your settings are like a new lock, due to which your problem is also solved. Before resetting, you must keep in mind what is your programming code, because after resetting, you may need this programming code to set the lock.

If you do not know how to reset Schlage Keypad Lock, then follow all the steps given below.

  • First of all, take off the battery cover and take out the battery of your lock.
  • Now press the Schlage button.
  • Now again connect the battery to your lock.
  • Now press and hold the Schlage button until you see the green light on your lock and the Schlage beeps. Remember all this work should be done in just 10 seconds.

3. Reinstall Your Schlage Keypad Lock

Reinstall Your Schlage Keypad Lock

If you’ve changed the lock’s battery and reset it, but your Schlage keypad lock keeps Spinning, then your lock may have been installed incorrectly. You will need to reinstall your lock.

If you need to reinstall your Schlage keypad lock, you should read the manual that came with your lock, due to which you will get the information about reinstalling the lock and you will be able to reinstall your lock easily.

Remember, if your lock is giving problems even after doing all the processes, then some part of your lock may be broken due to which you may have this problem.

Many times you do not see the inside of your Schlage Keypad Lock, due to which you are not able to know which thing is broken. But if you know how to open the lock, then you can open your lock once and see, which can solve your problem and your Schlage Keypad Lock can stop Spinning.


Hope you have fixed your Spinning Schlage keypad lock by changing the battery or resetting it. And your lock should be all right now.

We have given you information about how to fix Schlage Keypad Lock that Keeps Spinning in this post, hope you have liked our information as well as your lock would have been fixed now. Let me tell you all that after doing all this process if your Schlage Keypad Lock is still spinning, then there is a fault in your lock itself, you should change it.

If you have any more questions regarding Schlage Keypad Lock, then you can easily ask by commenting, and we will try to answer all your questions. Thank you!

FAQs On Schlage Keypad Lock

Q1. Why does my keypad door lock keep spinning?

Many times you install your keypad door lock wrongly, and from this time it keeps Spinning, or there is a problem in your lock’s battery due to which it keeps Spinning.

Q2. How do you fix a lock that keeps spinning?

If your lock also keeps Spinning again and again, then we have given you the solution in the above post, follow it.

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