Gold is all that this zodiac sign needs this week

Aries (Ashvani, Bharani, Krittika 1 Pa.) will undertake new initiatives. Financial affairs will be favourable. Meet childhood friends. Talent shines. Material and clothing benefits. Get rid of some problems.

Taurus (Krittika 2,3,4 pa, Rohini, Mrigasira 1,2 pa.) Financial affairs are simple. The programs undertaken are completed slowly. You will face few disputes with brothers and friends. There are sudden trips. Valuables are collected.

Gemini (Mrigashira 3, 4, Arudra, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3 p.) Some delay in work may be unavoidable. The economic situation is disappointing. long journeys minor illness Disputes with family members. Shrines are visited.

Cancer (Punarvasu 4 pa., Pushyami, Ashlesha) Financial situation is disappointing. long journeys Postponement of contracts. Hard work. Talks with brothers and friends. Temples are visited. Businesses will benefit marginally.

Leo (Makha, Pubba, Uttara 1 Pa.) learns new things. Contacts with important people increase. Ideas are implemented. Intabayata will have the upper hand. Dues will be received. Advances in business.

Virgo (Uttara 2,3,4 Pa., Hasta, Chitta1,2 Pa.) Predictions come true. Financial situation will be better. Marriage and job efforts will bear fruit. Move forward with new hopes. Pilgrimages are made. Partnership businesses are profitable.

Libra (Chitta 3, 4, Swati, Visakha 1, 2, 3 pa.) Additional income will meet the needs. Problems are solved skillfully. Hard work pays off. Disturbances in property matters will be removed. Rare invitations are received.

Scorpio (Visakha 4 pa., Anuradha, Jyeshtha) Long-term debts will be removed. Surprising events. There will be money and material gains from father's side. Decisions are taken with the advice of well-wishers.

Sagittarius (Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha 1 Pa.) works are completed on time and breathes. Time to pay off. Income will increase. Some affairs with close friends will be compromised.

Capricorn (Uttarashadha 2,3,4, Shravanam, Dhanishtha 1,2 pa.) Important affairs will not go ahead. Financial matters are disappointing. Labor increases. Impromptu trips. Students and unemployed will be dissatisfied.

Aquarius (Dhanishtha 3, 4, Shatabhisham, Purvabhadra 1, 2, 3 Pa.) works will progress slowly. Financial transactions can be frustrating. Labor increases. There will be minor disputes with close friends and family.

Pisces (Purvabhadra 4 pa., Uttarabhadra, Revathi) The hard work put in so far may bear fruit. Financial affairs are optimistic. Favorable results in competitive examinations. Meet old friends.