OSRS Scurrius Achievements – Detailed

Due to the nature of the fanbase, Jagex rarely ever make updates to Old School RuneScape. When they do, the OSRS updates are slow-paced. This ensures people can experience every bit of content before moving on. It also means that massive sweeping changes are not made to the game at once, keeping that OSRS feel.

Recently – Jagex decided to add the Scurrius boss to the game. This rat-like creature is designed to be fought by newer players in Varrock Sewers. Scurrius was a rousing success, and plenty of people were looking into OSRS gold for sale so they could get the equipment to fight him. Jagex have now decided to add achievements to the encounter, and we’ve got the whole list here!

Easy Achievements

These are the achievements for players brand-new to the game, and neither of them should be that difficult to wrap up. You could probably even gather both the easy achievements for Scurrius in a single battle.

  • Scurrius Novice: you’ll need to kill the boss once for this achievement. Simple!
  • Sit Rat: you’ll need to boot up a private instance and make sure that you’re beating Scurrius to death with a rat bone weapon.

Medium Achievements

If you’ve managed to nail Scurrius, which shouldn’t take too long, and you’ve got the right equipment then it is time to do battle and try and grab some medium achievements. Here’s what you can earn:

  • Scurrius Champion: this is an achievement you’ll earn naturally. You’ll need to take out Scurrius 10 times.
  • Efficient Pest Control: when you enter the Scurrius lair, you’ll see giant rats. Kill six of them in three seconds. You’ll need a high combat rating for this, and it may take a little while to nail. Luckily, you’re going for that 10 times achievement too, so you’ve got time!
  • Perfect Scurrius: this one will take a while for newbie players to grab. You’ll need to head into a private instance and take no damage from Scurrius.

How to View Combat Achievements

It is anticipated that many of those tackling the Scurrius achievements may not even realize that there are achievements in the game. If that’s you, then open up your character overview panel and look for ‘Combat Tasks Completed’. This will detail every single achievement in the game, and it will tell you exactly what you need to do to earn them.

Other Achievements

In addition to the achievements for Scurrius, the latest OSRS update is adding extra special achievements for the Desert Treasure II bosses. You have four bosses, with nine achievements each. Open up your character panel in game to view the achievements and find out exactly what you need to do battle against Vardorvis, Whisperer, Leviathan, and Duke Sucellus.For now – if you need OSRS gold, or even an OSRS account, have a look through the u7buy.com website. We have plenty on offer!

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