How Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends using vastu salt for enhancing the vastu of home or shop properties?

The potential of vastu shastra in immense and you can get immense benefit with the timely intervention of Best vastu consultant in Kolkata for both your home and working properties. For this they refer to the 16 directions in the vastu and use each of them against their best possible utility. 

But in addition, you should also take measures when it comes ensure that no negative energy can accumulate long enough to cause any serious defect for the vastu. In this regard using the vastu salt is a useful tool. 

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends using vastu salt for all individuals for their home and workspace regardless of other aspects of it. But what is vastu salt and how should we use it precisely to get vastu benefit? In this blog, we will see the answers to these questions for once and for all!

You must be wondering what vastu salt is and why it is special for vastu needs? Well, vastu salt is a special type of salt that is exclusively produced under the guidance of expert vastuvid. This salt contains rich minerals and is filled with good energies. It can be used to absorb the negativity from the surrounding and thus enriching the vastu effectively. 

In what ways can you use vastu salt for home and shop spaces?

You can use ocean vastu salt, in number of ways. Each one is beneficial and hence you can choose which technique you need to adapt to get most benefit. Let us discuss some of the most common ways of doing so, as suggested by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata

  1. Using it in wet cleaning- we all mop our floors routinely, if not daily. The next time, you are scheduling this simply add handful of vastu salt in the bucket of water and dissolve it. Then mop the floor like you do normally. The water will get charged due to the presence of vastu salt in it, and when you clean wipe the house not only it removes the stubborn stains and dirt from the corners of the vastu, it also removes the negative energy that is associated with it. After drying out in a while, it will radiate positive energy in the property, assures Best vastu consultant in Kolkata
  1. Using it to keep evil eyes away from you- in Indian culture, we don’t need a new introduction to the side effects of evil eye. In order to keep evil eye away from you, all you need to do is keep some vastu salt inside a cloth bag or in bowl and place it over or near the main gate of home or shop. This vastu salt will absorb whatever negative energy that tries to enter the property in the form of evil eye, by acting as a barrier. Don’t forget to change this salt routinely to keep its effectiveness intact.
  1. Using it for dry cleaning of floors- even if you can’t wet wipe the floors routinely, you certainly dust off your space everyday. Once a week or so, you should use vastu salt during this process. First, sweep off all the visible dirt using a brook and then sprinkle a handful of vastu salt over the floor. Let it sit for some time, say anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. If you want, you can even keep it overnight, if you are not going to use this particular section during this time. Then, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends sweeping it carefully, collecting the vastu salt and throw it outside the premises. Make sure that you dint touch or step over the salt unnecessarily while doing so. 
  1. Using it to collect and dispose negative energy- you can take a glass or ceramic bowl and fill it up with vastu salt. Then place it inside the toilet, bathroom, kitchen area and staircase etc. As a thumb rule, you can keep it any zone or rooms which are considered unsuitable as per vastu. but you should keep it in all toilets, regardless of this factor. When the vastu salt in kept in any surrounding then it starts to absorb the negativity from around it. Afterwards you should change the salt routinely, say at least once a week. Bear in mind to discards the salt well outside the premises. Keeping it lingering around the vastu will redraw the negative energy inside it. 
  1. Using it for speedy recovery- In case someone stays ill persistently or is currently sick in your household, you are advised to place a bowlful of vastu salt inside their room, say under the bed or so. This will collect the negative energy that engulfs the sick person (because of which they stay gloomy or irritated). You should dispose it away from the home and replace it with a fresh batch of salt after every couple of days. This will aid in speedy recovery because the individual will feel more motivated and positive.  
  1. Using it a portable guard against negativity- you can carry a small amount of vastu salt in a hanky or pouch and carry it in your vehicle or in bag. This will shield you against the negative energy that might try to hamper your life or business.  

You can use the vastu salt in one or all of these above-mentioned ways to enhance your property’s vastu. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata can offer you high quality vastu salt and you can use it as your particular needs. 

No matter which way you use the vastu salt, you must not forget the simple and basic feature of its properties. Since this is a continuous process, you must carefully and without fail keep on changing the salt routinely. Changing it once a week is considered ideal but you can do it more frequently if you feel the need of if the vastuvid recommends so.

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