Be Untouchable with the All-New iZYREC Voice Recorder

In the world we live in, numerous agreements and contracts are signed and sealed daily. Some of them are verbal and others are in writing. Some of them are extremely serious and some are just casual. Since your day started you might have gotten into several agreements without you realizing it. What am I trying to put across? In simpler words, we can’t escape the making of agreements however much we try. 

Since we all, in one way or another, find ourselves in agreements, we want to ascertain that whatever we agree will be adhered to. Especially when we are dealing with the crucial agreements. Picture this. You are sitting next to your partner, client, customer, employer, employee, or even colleague. You talk about a certain issue and agree on what to do and who to do it. But you do not put it in writing and so you both depend on what you heard and your ability to retain the information as clearly as possible for some time. Let us say the other party is the one to do the task. After some time, you decide to do a follow-up. So you meet again with the other party and they start to mention things that contradict whatever you agreed on the last time you sat together. You get agitated and the conversation swiftly turns sour. What will you do? 

The truth is that you can’t prove whatever you guys discussed in the previous meeting so it becomes difficult to talk to the other guy who at this particular point in time is hell-bent on scamming you. This is where iZYREC comes in. The company has built a voice recorder that can help you protect yourself and ensure the previous agreement is followed through to the last detail. The safety voice recorder will act as your guarantor of interest. It will be present to ensure even if the other party contradicts themselves either knowingly or unknowingly, you can hold them to what you agreed before. Visit iZYREC for more information on the voice recorders. 

I know what you are asking. Won’t it be noticed? That is the question you just asked yourself, right? If not, then let us still answer it. The device is built in a manner that it can practically disappear. It is smaller than your credit card and thinner than a coin. It can be placed in front of your suit or in your shirt side pocket and the other party will never suspect anything. The self-protection audio recorder can be turned on with a single slide. It can also be set to turn on independently at a certain time to avoid drawing attention to it. You can even use your smartphone to start recording using the iZYREC app. Additionally, one can turn off the light that shows it is recording again to avoid drawing attention to it. 

To that end, this device has proven to be a powerful tool. The safety voice recorder should never be missed in your business and staff meetings. There is no need to try to retain all that information in your mind. Use the iZYREC to your advantage. Become untouchable with it. As a result, you will build a reputation for being a person of your word. This also means following through with what was agreed even though it is against your interests. Ensure you get yours today. Avoid unnecessary arguments with other parties the reason being you can’t hold them to their words. Completely close that chapter in your life with this device. 

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