Flyfish Review – Access a Full Suite of Financial Management Tools

If you’re running a small or mid-sized business, one of the things that will take a lot of time is financial management. This is especially the case if you’re doing it manually. And without a systemic process in place, you can end up with numerous errors that affect operations. That’s where it helps to automate your payroll services management with a tech-based solution. Here, you’ve got two options: either switch to off-the-shelf software or hire a full-payroll services company to take the reins. In my Flyfish review, I’ll be discussing the latter and how it’s beneficial. 

The reason it’s always better to choose a full-service solution is that cookie-cutter software won’t be able to provide the functionality you’re looking for. So, let’s look at what you get with Flyfish and how it can benefit your company’s operations. 

Save Time For Business Activities

When operating a business of your own, you need to focus on other aspects such as growth and expansion. Otherwise, you can expect slower progress and fewer sales down the line. But can you dedicate enough time towards development when administrative tasks like payroll services demand so much time? By making the switch to Flyfish, you can spend less time managing transactions and finances, and more time on product development and business expansion. 

Because of its modern design, the platform makes it easy to fund your IBAN and business debit cards with ease. This makes accessing your business funds as easy as managing money in your own account. In fact, you won’t need to control your debit cards and accounts from different places, either. Rather, you can manage IBANs and cards from a single place: your phone. With the Flyfish business account, you can create new IBANs and update business debit card rules and limits from your phone.  

Access Transaction Information in Real-Time

Operating a business isn’t just about making a good product; you need to save as much money as possible. Part of this involves finding affordable vendors and merchants, but it’s also crucial to avoid unnecessary expenses. As a business owner, you need to keep track of business expenses to know what can and can’t be optimized. Having a Flyfish business account allows you to monitor these transactions with ease. You’ll have centralized control of all your IBANs and cards from a single place. 

If necessary, you can set limits and rules for the business debit cards, so that each transaction is approved, declined, or flagged based on specific criteria. By setting these rules, you’ll be alerted each time an employee attempts to make a suspicious transaction. If needed, you can block certain types of merchants or ATM cash withdrawals. Moreover, you can also enable automatic freezing based on out of policy purchases or suspicious transactions. 

Get Responsive Client Support 

These days, everything’s online, and when there’s little face-to-face interaction, it can affect consumers’ confidence. In this case, it’s crucial that clients have someone they can approach in the event of a problem. A major issue these days, especially when it comes to financial management services, is a lack of helpful client support. Flyfish manages to address these concerns by offering a responsive team of experts that’s available to address questions, queries, and concerns. 

Whether you’re a new user who’s having trouble navigating across the platform, or existing user who wants to provide feedback – they’re here to listen. You can get in touch with them through a contact form or live chat. Then, they’ll give step-by-step instructions on addressing certain issues and accessing specific features. 

Quick International Transactions

For companies that partner with vendors and merchants in other parts of the world, smooth international transactions are the name of the game. So, how do you pay vendors and suppliers when you’re faced with so many delays? Not to mention, it’s possible that you’ll constantly be worried about the security of the transaction itself. With Flyfish, you can get a dedicated IBAN for your business, which allows you to make secure, international transfers without any hassles. 

A unique IBAN is especially important if you have clients or suppliers around the world. It lets you receive payments from clients based in different countries, without the hassle of international banking.  

Bottom Line

Overall, there are plenty of perks that come with making the switch to a solution like Flyfish. One of the most important is that you’re able to save time for more important business operations, like growth and expansion. Moving on, you’ll be able to access data regarding different expenses and costs in real time, without needing to stay in one place. And if you run into any problems, you also get the benefit of responsive client support, which helps you navigate through issues. Most importantly, you get a dedicated IBAN that allows you to make quick and convenient payments. 

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